1. Pick up the goods from the shelf and get information about it on the screen
2. Compare 2 products
3. Make an order through a digital device (via Click on the QR code)

How does it work?

The sensor of distance, weight, etc. is attached to the bottom of the object (this can be shoes, a smartphone, etc.). Information on the product appears on the digital display (photo, video, text)

Complete solution for effective sales


<b>Touchscreen 43"</b>

Touchscreen 43"

<b>Showcase and Mount  </br>for the display</b>

Showcase and Mount
for the display

<b>3 Deployment sensors </b>

3 Deployment sensors

<b>Creature and implementation of IT solutions</b>

Creature and implementation of IT solutions

<b>3h/month </br> service</b>


<b>Analytics and Reporting</b>

Analytics and Reporting

The cost of an integrated solution is individual, depends on the complexity of the project and includes: installation of equipment, maintenance, design
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